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Learn How to Reduce Your San Antonio Property Taxes

Property taxes often constitute a substantial financial burden for property owners. For
those with property in San Antonio or anywhere in Texas, understanding the
fundamentals of property tax calculation and exploring avenues for reduction is crucial.
To shed light on this topic, we engaged the property tax specialists at Gill, Denson &
Company, who offered valuable insights into this subject.
Understanding Property Tax Calculation:
Local appraisal districts conduct annual assessments of properties, typically based on
their value as of January 1st. Assessment values are generally released by these
districts in March, April or May. Property tax bills are computed by multiplying the
appraised value by the tax rate levied by all relevant taxing entities, including schools,
cities, community colleges, and utility districts. Payment of the tax bill is typically due by
January 31st of the following year.
Assessment Accuracy:
Appraisal districts often contend with limited resources and resort to mass appraisal
techniques, which may rely on outdated or inaccurate data. This approach, devoid of
individual property inspections, can lead to overtaxation, with property owners bearing
an undue share of the tax burden.
Strategies for Property Tax Reduction:
First, it is important you apply for all applicable exemptions. For many property owners,
the most common exemption is the homestead exemption. There are also exemptions
for property owners over the age of 65 and for disabled veterans.
In additional, every property owner in Texas holds the right to protest their tax appraisal.
This process affords the property owner the opportunity to furnish evidence supporting a
lower property valuation. Various levels of protest exist, including informal hearings,
ARB hearings, and judicial appeals. To maximize the likelihood of a reduction, property
owners must present compelling evidence in a format acceptable to the appraisal
district. However, navigating this process independently can be challenging, often
resulting in confusion and difficulty in assembling robust evidence.
Professional Assistance:
Given the involved nature of property tax appeals, engaging the services of a
specialized property tax protest firm like Gill, Denson & Company is advisable. With a
skilled and successful team, the firm achieved appraisal reductions for 8 out of 10
clients in 2023, averaging a 8.9% reduction for successful protests and delivering

substantial savings to property owners. You can view some of their recent property tax
reduction case studies
so you can review their past results. Through our exclusive
partnership, our clients and followers can access their services at a discounted rate. By
utilizing the discount code RIVERCITYTEAM on their sign up form, clients pay only 25% of the
taxes saved, with no fees incurred if no savings are secured.

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