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San Antonio Living

San Antonio is an amazing place to live! San Antonio is the third oldest city in Texas and seventh largest city in the United States! Lots of tourists visit San Antonio for its rich culture, unique attractions and most notoriously, Fiesta! Fiesta is a 10 day period where San Antonio residents get together to celebrate the culture of the city in the best way they know how, a party! Most of the activities occur in downtown San Antonio which include parades – both on land or in the San Antonio River!

San Antonio is known as a city with reasonably affordable living, many family activities and great schools. This city also offers easy access to large warehouse jobs including Toyota, Amazon, Wayfair and several others. San Antonio is also nicknamed “Military City” since four military installations (Randolph Air Force Base, Lackland Air Force Base, Fort Sam Houston, and Camp Bullis) are homed there.

While you are in San Antonio, be sure to visit some of the most famous attractions and landmarks! Here’s a few of the most notable:

The Riverwalk – There’s no place like the Riverwalk! There’s so many ways to explore this important part of San Antonio. If you are looking to learn more about the city and its history, take a water taxi and receive a tour of the city from the water and learn historical facts from your experienced (and often hilarious) tour guide! If you’re an outdoorsy person, the newest way to explore the river is via kayak or paddle boat! The kayak tours feature a different part of the river than the boat tours but still an amazing sight to see nonetheless! Lastly, if you’re a laid back person, take a stroll on the Riverwalk and visit some of the amazing restaurants on the river! Enjoy great drinks, local businesses and small shops! Alcohol is only allowed to be carried along the Riverwalk not on the streets above.

The Alamo – “Remember the Alamo!” If you plan on moving or visiting San Antonio, the Alamo is a must see! The Alamo is a constant reminder of how Texas came to be a part of the United States. This is the site where The Battle of the Alamo was held which rallied the troops to continue the fight of the Texas Revolution, eventually bringing an end to Santa Ana’s reigns at the Battle of San Jacinto. This location was previously a mission however when needed, it was transformed into a fort for Spanish soldiers. The Alamo lies in the heart of downtown San Antonio so you are able to step back into time to immerse yourself into the history of Texas and then walk back out into the 21st century! Self-guided tours are free however you must reserve a time slot to ensure the area is not overcrowded.

The Pearl – The Pearl is a more recent addition to San Antonio’s hip places to be. This site was previously home to a brewery that closed its doors after 118 years in the early 2000’s. The empty brewery eventually became home to The Culinary Institute of America and soon after a slew of restaurants, hotels and apartments opened in the surrounding area and thus began one of the most popular places for locals and tourists to visit! Some of the best food in San Antonio is located within the Pearl! This is a great place to enjoy a drink, take a stroll, walk your dog, let the kids play in the splash pad and visit the weekend farmer’s market!

San Antonio Zoo – The San Antonio Zoo is the 3rd largest zoo in the United States featuring over 3,500 animals and 600 species on 56 acres. The zoo is also home to the Center for Conservation and Research at San Antonio Zoo, where zoologists are actively working on conservation and repopulation efforts for endangered species . Currently the zoo is partially under construction to build the one of the largest gorilla exhibits in the nation, Congo Falls, featuring a climate controlled area to provide ideal care to the animals as well as a medical bay with a visitor viewing area. San Antonio zoo has not homed a gorilla since 1990 so this will bring the only gorillas in Texas outside of Houston and Dallas! Once you view all the glorious animals at the San Antonio Zoo, ride the train to the nearby Witte Museum and Japanese Tea Gardens for a full day of fun! Or take it easy and take a stroll through Brackenridge Park which is right across the street!

Six Flags Fiesta Texas – If you are seeking thrills, Six Flags Fiesta Texas is a great place to find them! This theme park is located within a quarry and is filled with fun! Fiesta Texas features 10 large roller coasters, a large waterpark, a dedicated area for younger children and a large music scene (this is slowly beginning to start up again since its halt in 2020). In the past, Six Flags has hosted concerts for some of the biggest names in music such as Joan Jett, Styx, the Jonas Brothers, Katy Perry, Logic, Doja Cat and so many more!

Morgan’s Wonderland – This theme park is truly one of a kind! Morgan’s Wonderland’s mission is to create an environment free of physical and economic barriers that all individuals can visit and enjoy regardless of age or ability. This park is completely accessible to all types of people with more than 25 elements including rides and attractions. Morgan’s Wonderland offers waterproof wheelchairs, designated warm water splash pads and service animal relief areas so everyone can enjoy their attractions without a worry about being turned away. Inspired by the owner’s daughter, there is no other place where someone can feel as included as the world’s first and only ultra-accessible theme park!

SeaWorld San Antonio – SeaWorld San Antonio is a 250 acre theme park featuring marine-life information and animal encounters. The amusement park has six large roller coasters, a young child splash pad and a variety of shows including many of their animals! Most notably is their show including their orca whales, in previous years they had bred these whales in captivity however in 2016, SeaWorld has announced this will be the last generation of orcas in their parks. SeaWorld has expanded their conservation efforts to provide medical care to wild marine life in efforts to help the existing population. SeaWorld San Antonio currently offers a variety of up close and personal animal encounters, the largest package includes interactions with sea lions, beluga whales, bottlenose dolphins, a penguin, and a shark! Advanced reservations are required for these interactions.

These are just some of the more known places to visit in San Antonio but there is so much more to offer. San Antonio is truly a great place to live. If you are interested in moving to San Antonio, give us a call! We’d be glad to help you find a place in San Antonio to call home.